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❄ Welcome to Frigga Peak ❄

It's perpetually snowy crest is a consequence of a never-ending winter. Locals have been suffering the effects of climate change since the unusual temperatures exasperate the local species. This indirectly affects the bonds between the villagers and the rest of the world, too.
- Navean Traveler

Frigga Peak Map

Even in this extreme temperature, there is much beauty and wonder in this region.
It's on us to explore and cherish it.
In this travel guide I will be covering the most wonderful, magical and magnificent spots in Frigga Peak.
So get your warm cloths, let's start the adventure!! - Cookie

❄ Icy Village

Visit this very traditional, pretty village. Located in the north-west of Frigga Peak.
Protected by the mountains, this village isn't as cold as you might think. You can even see the villagers wear light cloths. (Yet we do not advice you to do the same). They are known for their magnificent festivals and are very open to foreigners.
Maybe you even get a chance to meet Santa Clause.

Frigga Peak #1Frigga Peak #2Frigga Peak #3Frigga Peak #4Frigga Peak #5Frigga Peak #6Frigga Peak #7Frigga Peak #8

❄ Extreme Tundra River

Tundra River #3 Tundra River #1 Tundra River #2 Tundra River #4

The Extreme Tundra River is biggest area in the south-east of Frigga Peak. Here you can find many kind of cute little critters. You can also find the main attraction, the giant magical snowflake, our probably most known symbol. Another attraction would be the giant ice dragon bones.
No interest in sightseeing and tours?
The sunrise and night sky can be best observed from here!
(Do not forget to grab a blanket and enough warm drinks)

❁ Deep Jungle

The magic aura in the Deep Jungle, located south in Frigga Peak, is so strong, that it has a drastic temperature change. Who would expect a tropic climate change in the middle of the Tundra?
Visit this place with it's magic soaked air, hot springs and beautiful fauna and flora.
Please do not disturb the magic, it could trigger unseen events.

❄ Frosty Crest Ruins
& Glacial Ice Cavern

You do like magic, but the Deep Forest isn't a place for you? Visit the dark parts of Frigga Peak up in the north.
Here you can find land tainted by dark magic and ancient powers. As well as the entrance to the Glacial Ice Cavern, the home of the Patron Saint of Snow-Capped Mountains, Matterhorn.
Please keep in mind, that we do not guarantee your safety if you anger the local inhabitants.

❄ Other activities

You are not into adventuring much? No problem! Frigga Peak has more to offer.

Interested in culinary arts?

Cold Featherleaf

Frigga Peak is the only region, where Cold Featherleaf is growing, the main ingredient for the Scampi Salad. Another delicacy is the famous Baked Chicken Curry, made of Apostle's Eggs. Still freezing? Try the Rib Soup Supreme! One of the local's absolute favorites. You have to try this!

Interested in fishing?

Winter Glimmer

The lakes and rivers of Frigga Peak are home to the Winter Glimmer, a rare but tough fish king.
Do you dare to challenge him?

❄ Thank you!

I hope this guide helped you, to consider Frigga Peak a worthy place to visit. It may not be a summer-paradise. But it has it's own magic and wonders.
See ya there!
- Cookie

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